Electrolysis by Traci

My name is Traci Benjamin and I have been a Licensed Electrologist since the year 2000. I am licensed in both Montana and Oregon, with the required 600 hours that I received at The American Institute of Electrology in Long Beach, California. I also attend seminars to continue my education in Electrology and the causes of excessive hair growth.

I became an Electrologist to follow in my mother’s footsteps. Before moving to Bend, Oregon in September, 2001, I worked for eight months alongside my Mom, Tana Anderson, who has been a licensed electrologist since 1982. She had her business in our home while I was growing up, and she was brave enough to let me work on her when I was only 12 years old. It felt very natural for me to become an Electrologist when I was looking for a career.

The most rewarding aspect of my business is to help my clients feel better about themselves. Some people have electrolysis done because they feel self conscious about excessive hair growth and some have it done for convenience. But they all leave feeling wonderful, and for me, that is very gratifying!




Traci has been marvelous in her treatment of me as a post surgical skin cancer patient. She dealt with sensitive facial areas with skill and professionalism as well as a warm personal demeanor. Her office is immaculately clean and my comfort is always her top priority. The results are fantastic.

Bend, OR

“THANK YOU BOTH”, does not express enough the wonderful work that Traci Benjamin and her mother Tana Anderson have done on me over the last year.  I am a transgender person that felt that I must get rid of my facial hair caused when I went through male puberty.  I have tried laser hair removal with minimum results.  I have also tried Electrolysis using the “Blended Method” which was very painful, again with poor results.  Then I found Traci and Tana.  Since then it has been a Real Blessing to have both of them work on me.  

I visit Bend once a month and between them both, I have received treatment of up to 9 hours in a weeks time.  There have been times that I have received 2 hours of treatment at a time without a break, that shows that both Traci and Tana know what they are doing.  Their use of the Thermolysis Method, which in my opinion, is the only way to remove hair. I see the results, it is permanent hair removal, it works!

The results have been fantastic and I couldn’t have achieved it without their help.  After only 2 treatments I could really see there was not much hair coming back in some areas and I thought, “Yes this is working”.  My schedule only allows me a monthly visit to Bend for a week or so at a time.  Where I live in Hawaii there is no one that does Electrolysis unless I drive 4 hours for each treatment.  If I lived in Bend I would go every week and get as much done as I could.  After much reading this type of commitment is the fastest and the most money wise.  With multiple hair treatments, one after the other, the hair gives up and stops growing.    

This intense type of work they do can be very tiring on the client and on themselves, also, but they know how to make the time pass and keep the treatment as painless as possible.  I now finally find myself more of a whole person and my new appearance without the facial hair has brought me confidence and a sense of calmness. I am so happy to have found and gotten to know Traci and Tana and I recommend them both to other transgenders and anyone that needs hair removal.  They are truly a Blessing.

Patty Lamont
Hawaii/ Bend, Oregon, 2011

Traci has done such a wonderful job for me, that I have even referred other members of my family to her. She is super focused and friendly – both are great attributes for this line of work.

Traci is a pleasure to work with. On your first meeting she does a great job explaining how electrolysis works and what the benefits are compared to other types of hair removal treatment. She helps to make the process comfortable and easy. On top of that, I was excited to discover electrolysis works really well. I went regularly for a few months, but now I only go once or twice a year. Thanks Traci!

Bend, Oregon

I have done waxing, laser, tweezing (yikes) and the only permanent solution to unwanted hair for me has been electrolysis. Electrolysis has been effective in eliminating the coarse hairs on my face and even worked on my fingers/hands. Traci is the best! She is delightful, knowledgeable, gentle, experienced and makes my experience comfortable.

Bend, Oregon

Traci makes the experience of electrolysis simple and relaxing. I always look forward to my session!

Bend, Oregon

I feel fortunate to have found Traci who’s professionalism, care and discretion are always the top priority.

Bend, Oregon

Last year I decided I had, had enough of my unwanted facial hair. I was embarrassed by it and it was becoming a fulltime job to manage. I called Traci and scheduled my first appointment. I was a little hesitant at first but Traci put my mind at ease. She explained the procedure thoroughly and guided me in the right direction. My treatments are quick, painless, and therapeutic. Traci provides excellent care in a beautiful, calming environment. I highly recommend her.

Bend, Oregon

I have been seeing Traci for over six years. Due to my complete confidence in her I have had addtional work done. She is extremely knowledgable about her field, and does absolutely everything she can to make you feel comfortable. Having seen several electroygists since I was young, Traci excels in professionalism and personableness.

Bend, Oregon

My daughter and I have both been working with Traci for over 5 years. Coming from San Francisco it took some time to find a replacement for the woman we were seeing there and I must say she has exceeded all our expectations from the cleanliness of her space and her ability to always find time for us. Couldn’t be happier.

Bend, Oregon

I’m very happy with the electrolysis treatments I’ve been receiving during the last year for the reduction, thinning, and removal of unwanted facial hair. I was surprised to learn when I first talked to Traci that my tweezing was only ensuring that unwanted hairs would come back over and over again. Traci explained exactly how electrolysis helps since I was new to the process. She has always been very helpful, encouraging, and flexible to my schedule as a small business owner. Traci is also discreet and understands that unwanted facial hair can be an embarrassing issue – at least it was for me. She always provides treatment in a gracious and professional manner with quick, efficient, and cost effective service. Additionally, Traci’s office and consultation room is a beautiful and comfortable place to receive treatments – it feels like you’ve entered a quiet spa. In every way I have been very pleased with the positive results and experiences I’ve received at ‘Electrolysis by Traci’. I only wish I had decided to get this service sooner and save myself many years of aggravation with unwanted facial hair! Thanks Traci!

Francesca W.
La Pine, OR

I’ve been receiving Electrolysis for several decades. Traci has been working with me for the last several years and is the best I have ever encountered.

Bend, Oregon

I had my eyebrows done when I was 15 years old, and have never had to touch them since. I get compliments on them all the time and love to recommend Traci to anyone who will listen. Why waste money on waxing when the hair always comes back? Electrolysis feels like a bug bite, and after a few treatments the hair is gone, for good! As soon as I noticed some dark hairs cropping up around my upper lip I called Traci and she went to work on them. Not only are her prices reasonable, she’s fast at what she does and a joy to work with. I manage to stay laughing through a whole session as I say goodbye to my underarm hair!

Holly H.
Bend, Oregon

To all potential electrolysis clients of Traci Benjamin, I want to take this opportunity to let you know about my experience and opinion on electrolysis. Before I knew or realized the difference between laser and electrolysis I tried a series of laser treatments; to my dismay I found out that my hair color did not respond to the laser treatments. Once found Traci and began my Electrolysis treatments, my hair removal went faster than I ever thought it could. I was ecstatic and I still am. I thoroughly enjoy every appointment, as Traci is very personable and fun to be with. I have enjoyed the opportunity to watch Traci grow and mature, and start her family. She is an incredible part of my life and can be the same for you. Say Good Bye to every hair you do not like!

Bend, OR

I always feel like I’m in good hands (literally) with Traci: She is professional, caring, very focused and provides great results. I highly recommend her.

Bend, Oregon

I struggled with coarse, black chin hair for over 15 years. Tweezing worked for awhile and then I tried a topical cream prescribed by my gynecologist as well as laser treatments on two separate occasions. Nothing worked. I finally decided to try electrolysis. Initially, I saw Traci every week, then every two weeks, then once a month. I’m happy to say that my forest of chin hairs is now gone. I would recommend Traci to anyone struggling with unwanted hair.

Bend, Oregon

I can’t believe I waited so long to get Electrolysis. I hated getting my eyebrow and lip waxed every few weeks. After coming to see Traci, I DON’T have to go to get waxed anymore.

Bit by bit, the hairs stop growing. I used to be so embarrassed to look in the mirror after a business meeting and see a long hair growing off my lip that I did not see or did not get. I don’t have to worry about that now. Traci is knowledgeable and very good at getting the hairs. I totally recommend her to anyone who wants to any kind of electrolysis. Don’t wait until you are older, like me, get it done NOW so you don’t have to worry about it every few weeks. What a relief!!!

Bend, OR

I have gotten great results with Traci. She’s always available and very professional.

M. McCurdy
Bend, Oregon

When I went through peri-menopause, I started getting those annoying dark hairs on my neck. Traci took care of them (as well as unwanted eyebrow hair) in a minimal number of sessions and I have never had any of those hairs come back and it’s been more than 5 years since I saw her. Electrolysis is a permanent, effective solution!

Jane Meyers
Bend, Oregon

I highly recommend Traci Benjamin for electrolysis. I had experienced electrolysis before, and it was very painful. I was delighted to find that Traci’s technique is far more comfortable, and far more effective – I noticed a difference right away. I also enjoy the time I spend with Traci – she is a lovely person.

Alzada Magdalena
Bend, Oregon

Traci’s presence and demeanor put a person at ease. Her vast amount of experience both growing up with a mother who performed electrolysis and performing electrolysis herself make her an expert in her profession. And she does at great job at explaining the process and answering questions!

Summer Myllymaki
Bend, Oregon

I spent twenty years tweezing, putting off trying eletrolysis, and then I found Traci! She is kind and supportive and happens to be amazing at what she does. Traci is fast, which saved me money (more hair in less time), and so accurate that I never had any red bumps or discomfort. I took my daughter, who has cerebral palsy, to her. Even though my daughter “jumped” every time Traci worked on her, Traci shaped and fixed her eyebrows with total patience and a smile. Traci is amazing… I wouldn’t go to anyone else.

Linda Hackenbruck
Bend, Oregon

For years I struggled with unwanted facial hair. I had even visited two different electrologists and invested a lot of time and money. But neither of them made any significant, long term impact on my problem. So I had pretty much given up on the whole idea of permanent hair removal until my daughter recommended Traci.

The results I’ve experienced with Traci are amazing. Not only is she very good (and fast!) but within a very short period of time I saw consistent, lasting results. I am not sure why Traci’s process works better than the other electrologists I visited before, so all I can say is she is a gem. And in fact, she has been so good that I rarely get to see her anymore. I have even recommended my friends who are laser fans to Traci.

Bend, OR

Traci’s skill and eye to detail are impeccable. She is conscientious, professional and systematic in her work. The results are fabulous!

Bend, OR

When I am 85, I won’t have to depend on friends to come to the nursing home to pluck my chin hairs.
I wish all beauty could come as effortlessly as Traci’s electrolysis.

Bend, OR

I have been going to Traci for unwanted hair on my chin for about 5-6 years and have been very pleased with my service from her. She is professional, on time, clean and very thorough. She has excellent knowledge in hair, how it grows and how to get it gone for good! I would highly recommend her if you have hair on any part of your body that want gone.

Bend, OR

It is my privilege to acknowledge Traci Benjamin as a very professional electrolysist that I have enjoyed being served by and gotten to know personally. She is very qualified to do her work and makes your experience as painless and careful as possible. I highly recommend her to anyone that may need this procedure. Her new office is warm and comfortable to be in.

Diane B
Bend, OR

I have struggled with undesirable areas of hair for years. I have tried waxing and creams, but I have sensitive skin so it was never an ideal outcome. Electrolysis is something that has allowed me to be more confident about certain areas of my body. I have found that my experience with Electrolysis and Traci has been nothing but positive. Treatments are done in a professional setting, with very little discomfort, and my skin is happy! I would highly recommend Electrolysis by Traci to anyone that struggles with unwanted hair or is sensitive to other forms of hair removal.

Redmond, Oregon

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