I have suffered with unwanted facial hair since I was 19 yrs old. I never went 1 single day without tweezing. The more I tweezed the courser and blacker my hair became. A few years ago I paid A LOT of money to get laser hair removal for 6 months..it did absolutely nothing..the hair was just as bad as before. When I reached my 40’s the facial hair had become to much for me to handle..constantly tweezing…and getting ingrown hairs. One day I received a coupon in the mail for a free 15 min session from Electrolysis by Tana and decided to try it. It completely changed my life. Within a few sessions I could see a huge difference in my hair growth. I am no longer a slave to my tweezers! I wish I would have done this in my 20’s! I highly recommend Tana..she is a true professional and highly skilled at what she does. You will not regret it..and it will change your life too! Thanks Tana!

Tracey Richardson

“THANK YOU BOTH”, does not express enough the wonderful work that Traci Benjamin and her mother Tana Anderson have done on me over the last year.  I am a transgender person that felt that I must get rid of my facial hair caused when I went through male puberty.  I have tried laser hair removal with minimum results.  I have also tried Electrolysis using the “Blended Method” which was very painful, again with poor results.  Then I found Traci and Tana.  Since then it has been a Real Blessing to have both of them work on me.  

I visit Bend once a month and between them both, I have received treatment of up to 9 hours in a weeks time.  There have been times that I have received 2 hours of treatment at a time without a break, that shows that both Traci and Tana know what they are doing.  Their use of the Thermolysis Method, which in my opinion, is the only way to remove hair. I see the results, it is permanent hair removal, it works!

The results have been fantastic and I couldn’t have achieved it without their help.  After only 2 treatments I could really see there was not much hair coming back in some areas and I thought, “Yes this is working”.  My schedule only allows me a monthly visit to Bend for a week or so at a time.  Where I live in Hawaii there is no one that does Electrolysis unless I drive 4 hours for each treatment.  If I lived in Bend I would go every week and get as much done as I could.  After much reading this type of commitment is the fastest and the most money wise.  With multiple hair treatments, one after the other, the hair gives up and stops growing.    

This intense type of work they do can be very tiring on the client and on themselves, also, but they know how to make the time pass and keep the treatment as painless as possible.  I now finally find myself more of a whole person and my new appearance without the facial hair has brought me confidence and a sense of calmness. I am so happy to have found and gotten to know Traci and Tana and I recommend them both to other transgenders and anyone that needs hair removal.  They are truly a Blessing.

Patty Lamont, Hawaii/ Bend, Oregon, 2011

My name is Karen Koncilya and I enjoyed being a client of Tana Anderson’s for several years. I also enjoy our friendship presently! 🙂 I’d like to explain how I decided to go to Tana and how much better I feel about my face since Tana began electrolysis on it.

I was diagnosed with endometriosis and was treated with hormones. Several years after my treatments I began to grow excessive facial hair, especially on my upper lip and chin. My beautician started waxing them and my eyebrows and I was glad to be rid of the hair. It was short lived and I had to have it done each time I had my hair done. The hair began to get course and dark. I found an add of Tana’s in our home town news paper and I cut out the add. I must have had it on my desk for a year before I finally gave Tana a call. I was scared and worried I would make matters worse. I was very skeptical, but Tana was very friendly. She gave me a quick overview of what electrolysis was and set up my first appointment. I honestly thought that all my problems would be over with one treatment, but as Tana explained our bodies don’t work that way. The hair grows back, but I started to notice the hair that grew back wasn’t as course. It looked natural. I think I had an appointment every week for the first month to six weeks. I am down to once a month now and my appointments are 10-15 minutes. I am so happy with the results that I told my mother about electrolysis and she is hooked now too! If you have hair issues, Tana can and will help! She is totally awesome as an Electrologist and a friend! Don’t hesitate to call.

Karen Koncilya

To all potential electrolysis clients. I want to take this opportunity to let you know about my experience and opinion on electrolysis. Before I knew or realized the difference between laser and electrolysis I tried a series of laser treatments. For me the laser hair removal escalated my facial hair growth. For the last four years I resorted to shaving. That of course resulted in having to shave twice a day. Horrifying for me and of course my husband. Looking at a Source about four months ago I say the ad Electrolysis by Tana! Realizing I had done laser and it didn’t work and was desperate I called the number. Tana set up an appointment for me and was extremely informative and encouraging about electrolysis. After the first treatment I had not needed to shave! The hair came in thinner, less course and less noticeable! I knew I had done the right thing. The treatments themselves can be somewhat uncomfortable. The most sensitive areas are of course the upper lip. I never have had a tattoo but I believe it is the same concept since a needle is the tool that is being used. Tana is extremely understanding and sensitive to the pain having had the treatment herself. The uncomfortable procedure is heavily outweighed by the outcome. The upper lip area tends to swell for a bit but nothing a little ice pack can’t help. I thought for sure my skin color would be blotchy and swollen however the upper lip is the only area that swells temporarily. Tana has been nothing but sure pleasure to be around and become friends with. If facial hair is an issue for you I truly encourage Electrolysis by Tana. I feel like a serious weight has been lifted for me and my husband. Say no to unwanted hair and do the right thing make an appointment. You will be so glad you did. Thank you for your time.

Q. S. Bend, OR

Testimonial: I am so glad to provide this testimonial about electrolosis. I met Tana through my mother, who was visitng her and I tagged along to one of her appointments. From the first moment I met Tana she was loving, understanding, gentle and very knowledgeable. Coming from a German background, I had a “mustache” that stuck out like a sore thumb but Tana in her infinite wisdom sat me down explained what would happen and what to expect and the process began. Tana took good care of my mother and myself. I was very pleased to get rid of the mustache and other hairs that were out of place. At a point in time, I no longer required visits but Tana remained a friend and I still hear from her. I would recommend her services without hesitation. She is a wonderful person and friend.

M. M., Great Falls, Montana

After years of wondering if electrolysis was worth my investment of time and money, I finally called Tana. The first thing I discovered was there are no strangers in Tana’s world. She makes you feel comfortable and truly at home. Her warmth is not a marketing ploy but is a reflection of her beautiful soul. She knows her work helps people and her compassion runs deep for those who seek her help. Not only did I feel pampered but because she is at the top of her field in skill and experience, she was able to treat my target areas quickly and painlessly. I love my maintenance-free eyebrows, lip and chin areas! I have never regretted making that call to Tana, I just wish I would have made it years earlier.

S. O. Sunburst, MT

My name is Kerry Albrecht and I was a client of Tana’s. When I first began,I was very nervous. After having children I began to notice an increase in facial hair; sometimes dark hairs. I have ocd-obsessive compulsive disorder, and 2 years ago my obsessive focus was on my facial hair. I would sit and pick/pluck hairs for long periods of time. I knew this wasn’t helping. I saw Tana’s advertisements all the time and decided to give her a call. Within minutes of talking I knew I had made a wise decision. Tana is an extremely caring person. She shared her own stories of personal embarrassment, which made me feel much more comfortable. It is a lot to begin with-week after week & wondering if the cost and time would be worth it. YES!! It does slow down and you will be amazed at how much better you will look and feel. I looked forward to my relaxing time with Tana. She is missed!

K.A. Great Falls, MT

I first came to Tana for help with an embarrassing problem I had with unwanted hair. Everything I tried to get rid of the hair just made my problem worse until it became so bad it was effecting my social life and causing me more anxiety then I could have ever thought. I was referred to Tana by my mother and at the time I had not even heard of electrology or how it worked, but I knew I needed to try something other then what I had been doing. Tana was great in explaining the process and answering any questions I had along the way. She is always clean, calming, and professional. Best of all her work is effective and her treatments are comfortable. I am so greatful to Tana for helping me to understand the process of electrology and for eliminating an embarrassing problem. I would recommend Tana to anyone looking for a permanent solution for their unwanted hair.

C.E. – Shelby, MT

Tana has been working on me for years and I am happy to refer anyone to her.  She keeps everything clean in her studio and I have never had a bad reaction to her treatments.

A. H. Great Falls, MT

No woman wants hair on her face, so I started going to Tana Anderson several years ago. Even though I didn’t have a lot of facial hair, it was dark and I had tried waxing, and plucking, and shaving. After the initial sessions, Tana kept it completely under control. The time between sessions got longer and longer, and I just don’t think about it any more. It’s a nice freedom. Tana is gentle, sensitive, and pleasant. We miss her!

C.F. Great Falls, MT

I have been going to Tana on and off for about 10 years.  Her office was always spotless and full of cheer!  I always enjoyed my painless appointments and always received wonderful service.  It was well worth the visit – Tana never over booked me as she could have, but rather did just the right amount of electrolysis that I needed.  Her prices were fair, and she always tried to get me into her even when she was booked, by missing her own personal appointments. She was always right on time for my appointments. I miss her and her services terribly – she will be very hard to replace but I wish her and her family the best in this new adventure.

L.L. Shelby, Montana 2-23-2011

Before: As time passed, I noticed that I began to grow facial hair.  Yikes. Women aren’t supposed to get facial hair.  MEN ARE.  After an endless battle of over-the-counter creams and shaving, one day while conducting research on hair removal, I found information on electrolysis.  So, I went forward and called Tana Anderson. I was surprised when within in the afternoon or the day thereafter that I called Tana’s office, that I received a phone call from her daughter, Tami.  Tami indicated that this office does indeed perform electrolysis.

During: I met with Tana, and she explained the process of electrolysis.  That’s right, electrolysis is a process — not an overnight fix.  As some think success happens overnight, this is a myth in many areas — success is a process.  Eventually, Tana shared her story that she needed electrolysis as well — which made me feel a better – that I wasn’t a “weirdo”, and this REALLY helped me relate to her.

One great thing about Tana’s office is efficiency — she respects people’s time. She was not only willing to coordinate with my work schedule, but she also had a “no waiting” policy.  It was a rarity to have to wait to receive electrolysis.

Little by little, Tana and I trudged through the muddy waters, and it took time to see progress, but the trudging and work paid off, as I didn’t have to buy over the counter creams or shave! Tana also had a motherly touch, as she would be concerned about my skin care; whether or not, if my face would get warm/hot during the electrolysis session, as well as applying skin lotion/moisturizer upon completion of the session.

If I had to sum up my experience with Tana in simple, but eloquent words, it would be: empathetic and efficient.

Sincerely, M.L. Great Falls, MT

I met Tana Anderson through a referral after deciding I wanted to try electrolysis.  During our initial appointment Tana spent a good deal of time explaining the process to me and I was comfortable enough to receive my first treatment.  I felt so good about myself afterward that I looked forward to my next appointment, then my next, and then the one after that, and on and on through my entire association with Tana.  My goal was head to toe hair removal, Tana worked with me up until the week she moved to her current location.  I can recommend Tana without reservation and am pleased to have the opportunity to support her efforts.   I miss her very much and wish she were still here.

C.K.  Great Falls, MT

Tana, you not only helped me feel better about myself physically, but also became a friend.  Your dedication and thoroughness in your job is quite amazing.  You truly are a great businesswoman and it was evident in your extensive clientelle.  You truly have a “caregiver” nature and it was evident from day one!  Thank you for helping me after all those years of “hiding” while shaving.  After my divorce, I did not want to have to worry about something like that…if someone wanted to caress my face, I didn’t want them feeling stubble.  It took awhile, but it happened!  Love ya and miss you!

S.E.  Great Falls, MT

When asked to give a testimonial for Tana, I would say that first and foremost was her professionalism, which never faltered.  Her technique was one I could get used to and she knew when to talk to me or ask questions to get through the trying times.  It was nice to get to know Tana through our conversation. She has a very sweet way and most generally has a ready hug when we’re done  I would recommend Tana’s electrology to anyone, having been under her care for about thirty years—from the worst hair removal to the every half hour to get “cleaned up”.

C. H.  Shelby, MT

February 24, 2011
Thank you for your electrology services over the last 3-years. I feel so happy to clean up large skin areas by removing some stubborn, abnormal hair growth. I had mole-like areas of lumpy skin containing clusters or abnormal deep hair growth: Removal of the clusters of thick deep-growth hair resulted in a great improvement of skin smoothness, cleanness and comfort to the touch. Furthermore, the hair removal eliminated skin itch, recurring skin irritations and infections. Your systematic technique proved most effective at removal and gradual elimination of any re-growth from those treatment areas. If you need assistance, I am most happy to explain my experience with anyone. Thank you,
Fort Benton, MT

I have known Tana and used her services for over 15 years.  She has always been efficient, thorough, professional, and most of all caring and compassionate.  She truly cares about her clients and I believe that many of us have become her friends over the years.  I have been a very satisfied customer and looked forward to my visits with her!  I’m not sure everyone can say that about subjecting ones’ self to needles and electricity!  I highly recommend Tana.
R.S. Great Falls, MT

I have gone to different Electrologists and Tana Anderson has been the best by far of them all.  For one she is not part time so that means that when I’m in Central Oregon she always has time to work me into her schedule.  All of my appointments are one hour long and with her the time goes-by before I know it.  I highly recommend her to anyone that needs hair removal.
P.L. Hawaii

For the clients that need references, consider yourselves lucky to have Tana, I miss her!  She left Great Falls, Montana in September, and I haven’t been able to drag myself to another electrologist so this is the longest I’ve gone without seeing anyone to rid myself of the unwanted hair.  She’s not one to be replaced.  It’s not that there may be options, it’s just I haven’t wanted to accept an option.  Tana is a very compassionate, kind and caring lady who conducts herself with professionalism, she is sorely missed.
R. M., Augusta, Montana.
I am happy to write a testimony to the very professional, personal, caring service that I got from Tana during the time I spent doing electrolysis with her.  She does a very good job of handling her clients.  She works so hard to make her schedule fit with the client; she always seemed to be able to fit me in at short notice.  I am sure she worked many hours after hours to make that happen.  The procedure itself was very comfortable, and she made it as pain-free as possible.
I would not hesitate to recommend Tana to any of my friends and family.  My only negative statement would be, “Why did you have to leave us?”  But I know she is in a good place with her beautiful family.  So I wish her the best in her new endeavor in Oregon!
D.R. Shelby, MT

Before I began electrolysis, I was shaving my face every day.  Not much can make you feel less sexy than razor burn or whiskers on your face – when you are a woman.  And trying to explain why your upper lip is bleeding when you don’t want anyone to know it’s because you cut it while shaving – it’s awful!  So I finally was brave enough to “confess” this to my dearest friend one night after a couple of stiff drinks – and to my astonishment, she has the same issues.  I should say: she HAD the same issues.  She gave me the name of a lady she went to see for permanent hair removal and told me it changed her life.  She couldn’t tell me enough about this Tana Anderson that removed her embarrassing facial hair.  I took her information, went home and started my research.  I checked out the internet for permanent hair removal and became absolutely overwhelmed by the amount of ways that hair can be permanently removed.  Then I started looking at the risks.  I became so stressed about it all that I just pulled a new razor out of the cabinet and continued my daily shave.  Then my good friend called me from Tana’s office and pretty much made me set up an appointment.  When my appointment came I had no idea what to expect.  I was so self-conscious about my hair growth as it was; now this stranger was going to practically put me under a microscope and analyze me at my hairiest!  YIKES!   But from the moment I stepped through the door, I knew I had made the right choice.  Tana had set up an appointment for me ON HER DAY OFF!  She was very welcoming and professional.  She took extensive time discussing my health history & explaining the process and what to expect.  Finally, she examined the area (my whole face) that I wished to have electrolysis on and began treatment.  Tana is SO efficient and professional.  I gladly drove 110 miles one-way to receive treatments from her.  I would drive further even now, but she has unfortunately moved out-of-state.  Tana is one of the sweetest people I know and I have grown to love and appreciate her SO much over the year and a half that I used her services.  Since her departure, I have been to two other Electrologists, which have made me realize even further what a gem Tana is.  She is AMAZING.  Please count your selves lucky if you live close enough to Tana to receive electrolysis from her – and call her now!  You will NEVER regret it.  You will get WAY more out of it than just permanent hair loss and higher self-esteem.  Tana makes the process a wonderful experience in every aspect.  I miss Tana!  I’m thankful for all she’s done for me!
W.F. Shelby, MT

Feb. 25, 2011
Dear Tana,
Your process changed so many things for me.  Before treatment, I had to tweeze my chin every day, and I still had dark spots from hairs waiting to come in.  I was never confident to stand and talk to people in full sunlight, because I knew that my hairy chin was a distraction.  Even though I was initially surprised to learn the time it would take to turn things around, I haven’t regretted my decision for one minute or one dollar.  I have had the opportunity since I moved away from Great Falls, to be treated by other electrologists, and without reservation, my best experiences were with you!  Your process is more effective, more economical, and the atmosphere in which you work made me feel respected and well informed.  Thank you for giving me the gift of time (good-bye, tweezers!) and confidence!
Sincerely, S. P., S.L.C. UT

To the prospective clients of Tana Anderson,
I would like to take this opportunity to tell you about my experience as a client of Tana Anderson.  I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2008.  I knew I would be dealing with a lot of doctors, nurses, technicians, etc., etc., and I wanted to consult an electrologist so I wouldn’t be so self-conscious about my body.  I was extremely nervous about seeking out an electrologist and “exposing” myself to yet another stranger, but the minute I spoke with Tana on the phone and explained my situation, she put me to ease.  I felt I didn’t need to be embarrassed any longer.  Long story short, Tana was not only an extremely qualified professional but a caring and loving person.  Not only were the treatments effective, but I can honestly say she was a bright light for me in a very dark time in my life.  I consider Tana a dear friend, and I still get choked up knowing she has moved far away.  Tana is blessing to me and I know she will be to you also.
M. P. B. Great Falls, Montana

I started electrolysis with Tana in December 2002.  It all started with one single coarse, dark chin hair that I wanted to get rid of permanently.  In February 2003, we went to the eyebrows and in June 2005, we moved on to the armpits.  I could not be happier with the results.  What a relief not to have to tweeze out those brows or to have to wax or shave those armpits anymore.
When Tana was injured in an ATV accident in 2005, I wanted to continue my treatments and went to an electrologist in Havre who used the blend method.  This method was very painful and uncomfortable for me, made so much more excruciating by the fact that each treatment lasted two whole hours!  Tana’s method is fast and almost painless.
I also tried laser hair reduction on my legs; this method is painful, very expensive and offers very poor results.
Tana has over 29 years as a licensed elecrologist in Montana.  She is one of the most professional and kindest person I have ever met. I would recommend Tana’s services to anyone who is interested in permanent hair removal.
J.M. Great Falls, MT

I have had an ongoing problem with hair growth on my face, upper, and neck for quite a few years now.  A recent surgery made the facial hair grow at an alarming rate.  It was getting so I had to pluck or shave to leave the house.  It was really an embarrassement.  I felt that I didn’t want to leave home for anything anymore.
My mother had had electrolysis done many years ago and she had great success with it.  She also had had a problem with facial hair growth. She was once again growing some unwanted hair.  I called Tana and made an appointment for her for Mothers Day.  She was really grateful for the opportunity to get cleaned off again.
When Mom had it done the first time around I had tried it with her.  As I am very allergic to metal, I broke out each time and ended up with scarring from it.  I thought I was not a candidate for the use of electrolysis.  Then I met Tana and she told me that they now had insulated probes that could be used.  WOW! Did it ever make a difference!  I once again could go out in public without feeling that I was being stared at or had to cover me lower face.
It doesn’t all go away at once for sure, but gradually there is less and less of it as time goes on.  It is not an overnight cure for sure, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel now.  Tana has been a Godsend to me.  She is a real professional and she cared about her clients.  She makes every effort to meet the needs of the people she works with.  I would recommend her work to anyone.  I miss her terribly, but understand why she had moved closer to her family.
Thank you for your time.
Great Falls, Montana

It took me a long time to decide what to do about the unwanted hair along my jaw line and upper lip.  I was very discouraged and hoped for a better solution than bleaching, tweezing and/or shaving.  Let’s face it, this isn’t something you discuss with everyone.  I knew it would be a long process in an “instant gratification” society.
Tana used the example of “weeding a garden” and I believe that is the most accurate description, when it comes to electrolysis.  She helped me for many months, prior to her relocation, and I continue to receive treatments, even now.  Progress is slow and tedious, but I feel I am getting close to concurring my issue.  I know it will be worth it in the end, but for now I continue to keep my 15 minute appointment, approximately every 3 weeks. Good luck and best wishes!
K.M. Great Falls, MT
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